CRY FOR WUHAN: Aborted Fetal Cells and the Chinese Coronavirus

So far, no one has been able to answer the question, “Where did the COVID-19 virus come from and why is it so uniquely suited to humans?”

Was this virus lurking for millennia in some unknown animal host and, when the opportunity and conditions were just right, suddenly became able to make the species jump to an unfortunate customer in a Chinese marketplace? Many diseases have been known to jump from one primary animal host to another, so the possibility of this current pandemic being 100% naturally occurring, does exist.

But there is also another possibility. The virus had help.

The likelihood that some previously existing coronavirus was tampered with by bio-medical researchers working on vaccine development at the Wuhan lab, and then released either accidentally or intentionally, cannot be ruled out. In fact, that narrative may best fit the known facts. But before we look at the facts, let’s consider the following…

What difference would it make if a full investigation were actually able to discover the precise origin of COVID 19?

Do people want to know the truth? What if the truth is far worse than anyone thought? What if knowing the truth would change how we live our lives forever? Who wins, and who loses if the truth were to become known? These are powerful questions that are potentially dangerous to ask, let alone answer.

The significance of origin goes straight to the heart of everything we think we know about the practice of modern medicine. It encompasses the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly of how we do medical research.

If it turns out that humans are the primary host for this particular coronavirus strain, (and so far, it looks like we are), then determining the beginning point for this virus has profound ramifications for where we go from here. Knowing the origin will help determine possible preventative measures and treatment strategies, not just for this current pandemic, but in preparing for, or preventing an even more deadly new contagion from emerging down the road.

FACT: New research has demonstrated that the COVID 19 virus may be better suited to human beings than any other animal host on the planet.

“Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky has completed a scientific study, currently undergoing peer review, in conjunction with La Trobe University in Victoria, which found COVID-19 was uniquely adapted for transmission to humans, far more than any other animal, including bats.”

FACT: The COVID 19 virus targets human lung tissue.

FACT: WALVAX 2 is a cloned human cell line that was developed in 2015 by researchers working at the same Wuhan lab where coronavirus [gain of function] research was ongoing. The cells that became known as WALVAX 2, were originally taken from the lung tissue of a three month gestation female human fetus who was chosen from among 9 other aborted babies who were “harvested” for the specific purpose of viral vaccine research.

The probability that technicians in Wuhan performed research that placed an existing animal coronavirus, i.e. one known to infect bats, into contact with a batch of cloned human WALVAX 2 cells, is more than mere conjecture, it is almost a certainty based on what we already know about the research being conducted at Wuhan. Simply put, placing WALVAX 2 cells into a petrie dish with an existing animal coronavirus may have allowed the virus to “naturally” mutate into a new strain uniquely suited to propagation in human lung tissue. Such a process is virtually untraceable because it leaves no genetic markers to indicate that this new virus was ” genetically altered or “engineered”. It is simply a matter of enhancing the biological opportunity for a virus to adapt to a new host cell and mutate all by itself.

No, we don’t have absolute proof (yet) that the COVID-19 virus originated in the Wuhan lab. But there is more than enough factual information already known about the research conducted there to warrant further investigation.

Will you cry for Wuhan? Will you shed a tear over the abominable work that is being done in labs all around the world in the name of science? If so, then cry for yourselves because you have more than likely shared in Wuhan’s crimes.

By condoning and/or permitting the use of cloned aborted fetal cells for commercial research purposes, including using these cells to develop cosmetics or flavor enhancers for soft drinks, as well as for use in so-called “legitimate” scientific research such as vaccine development, (MMR, MMR-II, Chickenpox, COVID 19, etc.), you’ve marked yourself with the same innocent blood as those researchers in Wuhan.

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10 thoughts on “CRY FOR WUHAN: Aborted Fetal Cells and the Chinese Coronavirus

  1. How ironic that we are desperately trying to develop a vaccine for COVID 19 by using aborted fetal cells…. when in fact, it may be the virus itself was created using aborted fetal cells….for the purpose of creating a vaccine for a virus that previously only existed (rather harmlessly) in bats.

  2. Whether this thing has made a species jump naturally or through human assistance (I think evidence supports the latter), I think most would agree that bats are creepy!

  3. Yeah, think about all those old dracula movies… bat bites man, man turns into bat, man bites women…..and the undead virus spreads among us. Ironic huh?

  4. Yes, that is the video that got me motivated to write this article on May 24, plus the information I got re WALVAX being developed at Wuhan via COGFL. The link to the video was included in my original post under the boxed quote re Petrovsky. I also posted it on my Facebook page same date. Now we await the full report, and the peer review of Petrovsky’s work. His conclusions do fit the scenario I painted about WALVAX possibly being the cell culture used, but he doesn’t mention WALVAX. He does, however, indicate that a full investigation into all the work done at Wuhan and all the other labs doing similar work is warranted.

  5. One of the positive benefits of developing trusted sources on social media is the sheer amount of good information I receive on a daily basis. My friends list includes a wide array of “expert” researchers. I’m finding Google increasingly worthless as a search engine, so much bias in the results. Real people and hard copy libraries or archived files are worth their weight in gold. FB, Twitter, Youtube, and Google not so much.

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