HOW TO LIE WITH NUMBERS: A Review of the Washington State Department of Health’s COVID Dashboard

The Washington State Department of Health COVID Dashboard [see link below] is so incredibly skewed as to be of little use. In calculating case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths, they don’t even have a category for “un-vaccinated”. Instead, the Department of Health has intentionally combined those who are partially vaccinated (at least one dose) with all the folks who have not had any shots at all to create a category called “not fully vaccinated”.

Let’s look at the numbers that the DOH uses and try to get a sense of what’s really going on. The statistics are broken down by age group, so, for simplicity sake, let’s narrow our review to those individuals considered to be at the highest risk, the 65+ age group.

Please note, there are likely tens of thousands of COVID cases that have gone unreported and undetected in Washington State. The following DOH numbers reflect confirmed COVID cases only, as well as the official number of hospitalizations and deaths between February 2021 and July 2021.

Let’s start with the “fully vaccinated”. Out of 2043 cases in the 65+ age group, 420 have resulted in hospitalization. That’s a hospitalization rate of 21%. There have been a total of 99 deaths attributed to COVID among the “fully vaccinated” group, which equates to about 5%.

For the combined category of “not fully vaccinated”, (which makes no distinction between those who have had at least one shot and those who have had none), the numbers are 9499 cases, 2742 hospitalizations, and 685 deaths. That would be a hospitalization rate of 29% and a death rate of 7%, both of which are only slightly higher than for the “fully vaccinated” group. Again, keep in mind, we are narrowing our focus to the most vulnerable among us, the 65+ age group.

By analyzing the available data it becomes obvious that there is very little statistical difference between the “fully vaccinated” and the “not fully vaccinated” categories, with no separation at all of the “vaccine free” population. I wonder what the numbers would show if they had lumped the “partially vaccinated” in with the “fully vaccinated” instead of combining that group with the “un-vaccinated”? Better yet, why not have three separate categories, “fully vaccinated”, “partially vaccinated”, and “un-vaccinated”? Surely the information is available to them.

There is also no mention of co-morbidities in the hospitalization and death statistics. One would think it would be important to note if these elderly patients also had diabetes, cancer, heart disease or kidney failure. But no, the DOH numbers are meant to create a political narrative, not reveal the actual truth about your risk of COVID.

The deception is intentional. They want you to believe that the un-vaccinated are clogging up the hospitals and putting everyone else at risk. They want you to believe you have a significantly higher risk of hospitalization and death if you are un-vaccinated. They don’t want you to read those studies that show the vaccine is not as effective as they thought, or that natural immunity is superior to vaccination. Heaven’s no. Just go get your damn shot and shut up.

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4 thoughts on “HOW TO LIE WITH NUMBERS: A Review of the Washington State Department of Health’s COVID Dashboard

  1. Yeah, those who have had 6 shots are going to blame those who have only had 3 or 4 for spreading the virus. On another note, I wonder how many of the COVID deaths in the age 65+ group would have been labelled “due to influenza” or “complications caused by the flu” just a couple of years ago.

  2. I just posted this on CC’s blog:

    Until any of these studies account for comorbidities of the patients, the data is not very useful. How hard would it be to, e.g., assign numerical values to comorbidities and factor those into the data?

  3. When looking at any “official” data, it is also important to understand that tens of thousands of COVID cases go undetected and unreported. “Confirmed” cases only count those who have tested positive. That fact alone calls into question ALL of the statistics health officials like to throw around.

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