aac5dfc310ba60046a03544d27c87c1bLast fall, Malheur County Sheriff’s deputies investigated and confirmed six cattle depredations by wolves in a two month time span.  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say the cattle were likely killed by “other causes”, which leaves the ranchers without the option to collect compensation for their losses as provided for in Oregon’s Wolf Management Plan.

And besides, everybody knows wolves don’t kill cattle.  According to National Geographic, they are too busy changing rivers.

Meanwhile, here in Washington state, where last week a woman was treed by wolves in Okanogan County…. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agents tried to interfere with the rescue operation.  Dispatch records indicate that WDFW agents tried to call off a DNR heliocopter that was being sent to the scene because the wolves are a “Federally protected species”.

WDFW’s demand that outside agencies stand down was ignored by an EMS dispacher and a DNR heliocopter crew arrived on the scene 14 minutes after being called.  The DNR crew spotted the woman in the tree and also noted several wolves on the ground.   The flight crew landed, scared off the wolves, and effected a rescue of the woman.

Donny Martorello- the Wolf Policy Lead for WDFW,  attempted to explain away his agency’s interference because “wildlife biologists familiar with wolf behavior thought the woman was not in immediate danger.”

Following the incident, the Okanogan County Commissioners called WDFW to account for their behaviour.  A county Deputy Sheriff testified during an “after incident hearing” that WDFW and USFWS agents verbally warned him that wolves were “under Federal protection” and actually lied to him about the trail conditions leading in to the site in order to discourage his investigation.  These Federal and State wildlife “officers” actually tried to prevent a County Sheriff Deputy from accessing the site in order to investigate the incident.  The deputy told the wildlife guys in no uncertain terms that if they didn’t stand down, he would arrest them for interfering with a law enforcement investigation.

According to WDFW,  Washington’s wolves are under their total and complete jurisdiction.  Besides, the woman was perfectly safe.  Everyone knows wolves can’t climb trees.   

A few weeks later, this same wolf pack was spotted changing rivers.


For more information about this incident see:

“WDFW Resisted Sending Helicopter To Save Woman Treed By Wolves”




See article:  “Deputies and ranchers say wolves killed 6 cows; 1 state disagrees”



  1. The worst part about Wolves is they are spreading 30 different diseases and the worst one is Echinococcus granulosus canadensis EG Cysts tape worm and it is getting into our meat food chain. Wolves kill cattle in their yards and leave their feces and the heads climb up onto the grass and cattle eat the grass. Once a human is infected with EG they are walking dead. Takes years to died a slow painful death.

  2. I have written about wolf diseases in earlier posts. For info on e.g. see https://oldmanoftheski.com/2012/10/13/living-with-wolves-pt-4-a-breakdown-in-governance/

    Also of note, legislation to study wolf diseases and their potential impacts on public health was introduced here in WA State several years back (H.B. 1107), but the common sense bill was quickly derailed by the environmental cartel because they claimed that such information “would lead to less tolerance for wolves”.


  3. Charles Hodges

    I lost 30 calves to wolves in 1997. I called the depredation people 9 times to Northwest Montana with evidence of the kills. Everytime I’d get the wolves didn’t do this routine. I had witnessed the attacks on several occasions. As calving wound down and the calves got a little bigger the depredation stopped. The next calving season was worse and the wolves had learned to take down older calves. Still getting no help with the problem, I sold the cattle. In a few days the wolfpack moved down the valley and killed over 20 of a rancher’s sheep in one night. After the local news media got involved with the sheep incident, the depredation people said that they hadn’t ever been called to the area for a wolf problem. That was after 2 years of calls from me.

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