GOD WILL BE THE JUDGE: Myths and Truths about COVID Vaccines

Many people have educated themselves beyond the government/health care talking points (propaganda) and have taken the time to become informed about the basic processes involved in creating our modern vaccines. Some people have even become aware that all of the COVID vaccines currently available in the United States were either developed, manufactured, or tested on fetal cell lines derived from abortions.  [See vaccine chart below.] 

While the majority of people may not care about the unethical practices utilized in the creation of certain vaccines, others do care but have shown a willingness to compromise. They rationalize that at least the aborted baby “didn’t die in vain”. While these folks may believe that the act of abortion is morally wrong, even repugnant, they also believe we should be thankful that something “good” has resulted from something “bad”.

So let’s take a quick look at a few common myths about aborted fetal cell lines and vaccines.

MYTH: After many decades and thousands of cloning processes, the aborted fetal cell lines used in current vaccine development and/or testing are so far removed from the actual aborted baby that they have become something different altogether, a patented and easily available (for a price) material that can no longer be linked to the original abortions.  

FACT:   Each of the cells in the various fetal cell lines currently used for vaccine development contain DNA unique to each of the specific babies that were aborted.  After thousands of cloning processes, the DNA of the cells remains the same today as it was at the time of the original abortion. DNA does not change over time unless it has been intentionally altered or manipulated through gene splicing, editing, natural or artificially created mutations, or other laboratory manipulation. In fact, the package insert for the Janssen COVID vaccine, (also known as the Johnson and Johnson vaccine), lists human DNA from the specific aborted fetal cell line used to culture the vaccine as a vaccine excipient (contaminant).  That means DNA and DNA fragments from the original aborted fetus are present in the vaccine itself.

MYTH: The repeated cloning of the aborted fetal cells has granted a form of immortality to the babies who were sacrificed.

FACT:  Human beings do not gain “immortality” just because some of their cells have been cloned and kept alive, in some cases, for decades.  That is a myth used to assuage the guilt related to the evil act itself. In fact, cell lines once considered to have been “immortalized” are showing signs of wearing out and developing harmful mutations after 70 or 80 years of repeated cloning.

MYTH: Only a few abortions were necessary to obtain the cell lines used in today’s vaccine research.

FACT:  Multiple abortions were performed by researchers who were intent on extracting specific cells for the purpose of making vaccines and/or profiting from developing human cell lines for medical research.   We may never know the exact number of babies that were aborted and dissected before researchers were able to successfully obtain and clone the cell lines used to manufacture many of today’s vaccines. However, we do know from the available scientific literature that the number is easily in the hundreds and perhaps thousands.  

The cell lines that are used today are named after a specific abortion. They typically include either the name of the organization conducting the research and/or the type of cells extracted. For example, HEK 293 refers to human embryonic kidney tissue, 293rd experiment, cell tissue extracted from a female fetus aborted in 1973. Cell line designated WI-38 comes from the Wistar Institute’s 38th attempt to extract fetal lung tissue cells in 1962. MRC 5 refers to Medical Research Council and the lung tissue they extracted from an aborted fetus in 1966. PerC6, which was used for the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) COVID vaccine, is from retinal tissue extracted from the eye of female fetus that was aborted in 1985. One of the more recent fetal cell lines is Walvax 2, which refers to lung tissue selected from a series of nine abortions conducted in 2015. Incidentally, Walvax 2 was developed at the Wuhan Institute by some of the same people who may be responsible for the COVID outbreak in the first place. 

Week 18
PerC6 cells were extracted from the retinal tissue of an 18 week gestation female in 1985.

I would remind any morally attuned reader that child sacrifice is considered an abomination by most civilized cultures. The practice is condemned over 100 times in the Bible.  The book of Leviticus connects the practice to the worship of Molech, a false deity who was considered a “protector” and a type of father figure, a powerful being who would bless the people with bountiful crops, good weather, prosperity and long life, provided of course that they sacrificed some of their own children in his name.

We have now come full circle to a point where an abomination of the past is once again considered the seedbed of blessing. Child sacrifice in modern times serves the same purpose as it did in ancient times.  By sacrificing some, we (the living), mistakenly believe that we will somehow be protected and blessed with health and prosperity.

And no, I am not against all vaccines, nor am I denying all of the wonderful advancements and blessings of medical science. There are some ethically made COVID vaccines currently in development, with some already advancing to clinical trials. Will they be worth the wait? Time will tell. But the use of aborted fetal cells to create medicines is not something any civilized society should tolerate.

God will be the judge.

[Source: Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute]

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FDA JANSSEN COVID VACCINE PACAGE INSERT (See page 22) – https://www.fda.gov/media/146304/download?fbclid=IwAR0J84TKWvV6OYGW5FeMw_3o8XTbb2Kbvfdel_nG2Eev3m5wfxPZHFWl5mU

For further reading:

“WALVAX 2 is a cloned human cell line that was developed in 2015 by researchers working at the same Wuhan lab where coronavirus [gain of function] research was ongoing. The cells that became known as WALVAX 2, were originally taken from the lung tissue of a three month gestation female human fetus who was chosen from among 9 other aborted babies who were “harvested” for the specific purpose of viral vaccine research.” https://oldmanoftheski.com/2020/05/24/cry-for-wuhan-aborted-fetal-cells-and-the-chinese-coronavirus/

4 thoughts on “GOD WILL BE THE JUDGE: Myths and Truths about COVID Vaccines

  1. The author of the Nebraskamed article has obviously not read the package insert (page 22) for the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine, which confirms the presence of “host cell DNA” as a vaccine excipient. The host cells used for production of Janssen’s vaccine are in fact, PerC6, which just happens to be a cell line cloned from eye tissue extracted from an aborted fetus in 1985. The mRNA vaccines do not contain DNA from aborted fetal cells as those particular vaccines did not utilize cell cultures to produce. However, there is no denial of the fact that J&J’s vax does contain aborted fetal DNA and/or that all of the current vaccines were tested on HEK 293.


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