Our Constitutional form of government was created and instituted to protect and serve the population, not enslave it.   Yet today bureaucratic managers at all levels of government are exerting control over our lives that we never dreamed possible in America.  Every governmental action seems focused on forcing compliance to a new set of societal norms.

A vibrant rural economy is viewed as an impediment to the centralization of political power. Every passing day a higher percentage of the world’s population is being concentrated into urban centers, called “MEGA-REGIONS” by global planners.  The  goal is to create a tightly regulated “sustainable” and highly interconnected world by the year 2050.

As urbanization accelerates, rural land use decisions and government policies are increasingly influenced by people living in urban centers.  Folks who live and work in rural areas are being disenfranchised by the very nature of democracy.  There is a growing sense of  mistrust and apprehension as rural Americans see a way of life and many of the rights they once took for granted threatened by a government assuming godlike proportions.

Global food production and distribution is increasingly being taken out of local control and concentrated in the hands of mega-corporations and large scale agricultural producers.   Former timber and mining towns have either become deserted relics or morphed into vacation playgrounds for elites who have made their money in international markets far removed from the kind of people who made their living working the land.   Small farms and ranches are finding it more expedient to host “dudes” or place once productive grazing land into “conservation easements”.  Once thriving oyster farms are being forced to shut down to create empty ocean front thanks to the heavy hand of government regulation.

Our  legislative priorities are now almost entirely focused on destroying rural economies.  The most notable of these policies is REWILDING, which is defined as the re-introduction and/or promotion of top-tier predator species that directly compete with humans.  REWILDING accelerates the disintegration of rural economies and lifestyles by imposing conditions and regulations detrimental to traditional activities such as livestock production, natural resource extraction, and hunting.

The NAWPA Memorandum of Understanding is a multinational agreement signed by the department heads of seven of our our Federal land management agencies including the BLM, NPS, USFWS, USFWS, and USDA.   These unelected bureaucrats signed an international agreement with their counterparts in Canada and Mexico promoting a single vision for North American wilderness preservation.  Their goal is to create a working alliance in order to make REWILDING projects such as the “Spine of the Continent” and the “Yukon to Yellowstone” initiatives a reality.

The NAWPA agreement was birthed at the World Congress on Wilderness, a product of The Wild Foundation,  one of a multitude of organizations promoting the concept that half of all land must be exclusively reserved for “wilderness”.   The WILD vision places severe restrictions on areas of human habitation and development.   As far as urban planning goes, half of every urban zone, half of every county, shire or precinct, half of every state, indeed,  half of every single nation on earth must be left untouched or returned to a primeval state.  Not only that, but the remaining 50% shall be managed for “conservation objectives” to insure adequate buffer zones and connectivity between core protected areas.  This is the agenda our Federal government has signed off on and intends to bring to fruition over the course of the next thirty-seven years.

This may all sound like crazy United Nations “conspiracy theory” blather, until one looks at the urban planning agendas currently employed by our local city and county governments.  “Sustainable development” is the operative code word for all things related to “Agenda 21“, a concept now openly endorsed and promoted as the ideal management tool.  Budgets are increasingly shifted away from services that meet the needs of people to programs and policies designed to serve nature.  Human beings have become little more than just another resource that needs to be managed along with green space.  The concept that “nature needs half” also includes half of all our tax dollars.

Take thirty minutes and listen to this interview with a confessed liberal Democrat, Rosa Koire, author of BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21, as she explains the threat to our freedom posed by this insidious global agenda.  Then spread the word.  Wake up America!

Click this link to listen:

Of course Ms. Koire is just recapping what the late great Henry Lamb tried to tell us back in 1996:

Click on the video image below, or click  here to watch this seven minute video:

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