My slide presentation “REWILDING AMERICA” is set up on Youtube as an “unlisted” video, which means you cannot find it by searching Youtube, you must use this link to access the video page.  Once on the video page, you can copy and share the link.  You can also watch the video by clicking the “play” button below.

In this presentation I cover the basic doctrines of REWILDING and demonstrate how it has become FEDERAL policy.

  • Basic definitions – “Cores, Corridors, and Carnivores”
  • Critical Habitat Designations and Species Recovery Zones        (Frogs and toads, grizzly bears, jaguars, and gray wolves.)
  • GAP Analysis, PAD-US, UN-WDPA
  • Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
  • Flaws in the Endangered Species Act
  • Bi-national, tri-national and international treaty obligations
  • Steps we must take in order to derail the REWILDING agenda.
  • Why the truth matters! 

The soundtrack is not the best, so I will apologize ahead of time.  However, the information is just too important, and too timely, to spend any more time editing.

Please note:  This presentation is intended as a basic introduction to REWILDING. There is much more that can be said about each of the various topics presented in the video.   When I share this presentation in person with a group, I provide handouts with additional information and bring with me numerous studies and thousands of pages of documentation in over a dozen notebooks.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here, or on the Youtube video page.


  1. Anonymous

    Well done Steve. I took notes frequently as I viewed and listened to your presentation, realizing quickly that the information and documentation you were presenting was tying things together for me on this topic. Seeing the maps and refreshing my memory regarding the various US treaties and, in particular,, Goal 15 of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda was really helpful for me – thank you! Loved hearing the amazing story about your personal interaction with Temple Grandin- Wow! Small world …Big God

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