It doesn’t take long to earn the ire of the green dragon.  All one has to do is stand up for the truth and the dragon’s minions can be expected to go on the attack flapping their wings, spewing their venom, and stomping their feet in protest.

Following the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission hearing back on October 5, 2012- where the decision to remove seven members of the Wedge wolf pack in northern Stevens County was explained and defended by our State Wildlife managers-  we were treated to nearly three hours of public comments from the green lobby that ranged from the absurd, to the downright nasty. The environmental lobby sure can kick up a lot of dust as they swirl around looking for ways to obscure the facts.

Here in Spokane, our local news rag has published numerous articles regarding the wolf re-colonization issue. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of articles are heavily biased towards the pro-wolf side of things.  But these rants always elicit a few common sense responses in letters to the editor or online postings submitted by folks who just don’t swallow the dragon’s lies.  This is a very encouraging sign.

Having researched the radical environmental agenda for many years, (from both the inside and the outside), I’m fully aware that the greens have adopted a top down approach to REWILDING the planet.  Their power base resides in policies adopted by the United Nations and a whole host of international treaties and cross-border agreements such as the tri-national Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation for Wilderness Conservation, NAWPA, and NAFTA.  Their influence has gained ground through the most organized and insidious propaganda campaign ever conducted.  Organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, Nature Conservancy, the Rewilding Institute, and thousands of other like minded groups, lead the charge to mold public policy on a regional, national, and international level.  These organizations have tremendous power, influence, and an unlimited supply of money.

To defeat such an invasive predator, or battle such a top down strategy, requires a bottom up approach.  Local coalitions of informed citizens must stand up and resist the green dragon’s advances in local communities.  Disarming the arrows and slings of the enemy requires firing salvos of truth by attending meetings, writing articles for the local media, publishing comments, and sharing the truth on Twitter, Facebook, and Email.  Spraying the weeds that are closest at hand with a heavy dose of truth may not kill the beast, but it sure does tick him off and slow his advance.

I’ve focused my blog on awakening my fellow citizens to the bigger picture, but I’ve also seen how doing so can lead to despair and a defeatist attitude.  Things like the Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, and global politics seem like an overwhelming foe.  The green dragon appears supreme and we just don’t see any way to fix what’s wrong or stop the onslaught.  But we need to be of good cheer and encourage one another to fight the good fight regardless of how dire the outlook appears.

Gaudí: Pavellons Güell Dragon head on gate
The Dragon Gate by Antoni Gaudi.
 This winged beast guards the entrance to Pedralbes Palace, the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean. Having failed to accomplish it’s original goal of securing peace in the middle east, the Union has become an active arm of the radical environmentalists.

Coalitions of like minded individuals do have influence.  When those of us who are standing up against the dragon awaken enough of our fellow citizens to see the real nature of the threat, I believe God-infused instincts for survival will kick in.  Unlike the greens, our ultimate power is not in brainwashing the masses, but in spreading the truth that man has been endowed by our Creator, not just with certain inalienable rights, but also with instincts incorporated into our DNA and a spirit infused into our soul that detests lies and seeks truth.

This war is indeed raging on an international level far beyond the ability and resources of most of us to do anything about.  Yet there are battles being fought at the local and regional level every day that we can certainly have an impact on, and dare not run away from. To cave in or give up the fight is not an honorable thing. Doing so puts all of us in danger, including those we care most about.

I’d rather be numbered with those who stand up for the truth, and take my lumps doing so, than allow the liars whole rule this world to go unchallenged.   When it comes to our God-ordained responsibility for the stewardship of this earth, we either stand up now and resist the green dragon or lay down under his belly forever.

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