WELCOME TO THE RESERVATION – A Warning to America from Russell Means

Russell Means
11/10/1939 – 10/22/2012

I’m taking a break from the wolf issue to pay tribute to one of America’s most infamous civil rights leaders.  If you’ve never heard of Russell Means, or even if you think you already know everything you need to know about the man, you should watch this 90 minute Youtube video.


While no one will agree with everything Russell Means says, (I don’t), I guarantee that those who take the time to listen to this man will be astonished by how much sense he makes on a wide variety of topics.  His words of warning to America are extremely relevant to our times.  So take off those ethnocentric sunglasses and spend some time looking at the world through new eyes.

You’ll hear commentary on issues ranging from the Federal Reserve money system to the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre and details about the shoot-out with Federal forces on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973.  Means provides insights into the Louisiana Purchase, vaccines, social security, junk food, and the dumbing-down of the U.S. education system.  While the video drags a bit in a couple places, it’s well worth watching to the end.  Patience is a virtue.

[Please note, while I do not endorse nor share many of the viewpoints expressed by the video’s producer, I am grateful to Alex Jones and his Prison Planet TV crew for taking the time and expending the resources to make  “Welcome to the Reservation” available to the public. It is an invaluable educational tool.]

The description posted on the Youtube page contains the following information about the video:

“Means warns that Americans have lost the ability of critical thought, and with each successive generation become more irresponsible and as a consequence less free, disregarding a near-perfect document, the Constitution, which was derived from Indian law.”

As a spokesman for the American Indian Movement,  Russell Means burst on the national scene during the A.I.M. protest at Wounded Knee in 1973.  For 71 days the Indians were surrounded by and exchanged gun fire with militarized police forces for the crime of “occupying” a portion of their own reservation.  Means later used his charismatic personality and media attention to land roles in movies such as “Last of the Mohicans”, “The Pathfinder”, and “Natural Born Killers.”   In describing himself in his autobiography, Where White Men Fear to Tread [ c. 1995], Means declares, “I tell the truth, and I expose myself as a weak, misguided, misdirected, dysfunctional human being.”

Activist, Libertarian, and Constitutionalist, Russell Means was never one to shy away from a fight.  Not just a powerful spokesman for the civil rights of the Indian people, Means championed liberty for all men.  While bemoaning the fact that every American is responsible for allowing the government to usurp our freedom, he also tells us what kind of people we must be in order to live free.  In short, every citizen of these not so United States can benefit from Means’ ability to see beyond cultural boundaries and provide a perspective that slices through the shroud of disinformation cast by the dominant culture.  Consider these quotes:

On freedom and corruption:

“Anybody born in the Western Hemisphere is a native American.”

“If you have local control of the economics, local control of the food stuffs, local control of transportation, you have freedom.”

“The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it.

“I fault the American people for not being alert to [guard] their own freedom…and to value those freedoms.”

“To wrest control of the Federal Reserve will take, I’m sorry to say, a revolution.”

“Culture is about values.  Anybody who says anything different is a Democrat.  Or a Republican.”

 On our education system and mass media:

“They’re not educating anybody now. They’re dumbing-down.  It’s Indian education now.”

“Information deprivation has led to the dumbing-down of America.”

“Television is the training ground for subsequent generations to have the attention span of a gnat.”

It [television] is like mass hypnosis.”

On pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and the food supply:

“They advertize these drugs as lethal, and people still buy them.  What happened to their brains?”

“America is becoming one huge sick society.”

“They are destroying the food supply.  How does it feel?”

On Natural Law:

“We human beings don’t want to be eaten.  That’s natural law!”

His final words are directed to every citizen of this once proud, but seriously declining nation:

“America is no different than this Indian reservation [Pine Ridge].  You’re dependent on the Government now, and you’re getting what you deserve. But this land is beautiful.  It’s worth fighting for.”


2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THE RESERVATION – A Warning to America from Russell Means

  1. Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism!

    Capitalism With Government Intervention Has Financial Control Over Human Life!
    Crony Capitalism!

    Capitalism that uses a Currency Without The Controlled Backing of Gold or Silver Creates Elite Groups That Control The Middle and Lower Classes with help from The Federal Reserve System!
    Our “Government of The People, By The People and For The People” can still be An Excellent Government, as long as we put it Back Into Our Own Hands. Changing a Government can be difficult, but possible, as long as all of the people stick together by Continuous Voting and Writing To Their Political Leaders.
    Government Is Controlled By The Rich Elite who have Received Their Wealth Through Greed. This is okay, but Greed Needs To Be Controlled With A Solid Gold & Silver Standard That Backs Our Currency With Something Substantial.
    The Rich want to stay in High Political Positions so they can Use Our Government to Maintain Their Wealth. Only the Wealthy can receive these Political Positions, since They are the only ones who can afford the publicity to get there. Once in a political position They realize, through greed, the political decisions They have to make. Greed is human nature and very hard to control when there is a constant access to Financial Success From The Federal Reserve System That Prints Up Worthless Currency Without The Backing Of Gold & Silver. (Fiat Money)!
    Every Time The Rich Elite Want Something Done, They Do Not Want To Use Their Money. Instead, They think of a problem that needs Capital and Then Pay For It Through Our Government, which in turn Ends Up Back Into The Hands Of The Rich.
    The more problems that They Create – War, Welfare, Institutes, Prisons, World Affairs – Means More Money Our Government Has To Borrow That Creates The Deficit. This has to be paid through Taxes That Means Less Pocket Cash, or Printing Excess Currency From The Federal Reserve System Without Gold or Silver Backing That Causes Inflation.
    All this Money Ends Up In The Hands of The Rich Through The Natural Process of Business Transactions That Make The Rich Richer and the Greedy Greedier. The Rich Will Control The Middle and Lower Classes because We Will All Be In Debt to These People as long as our Government Keeps Borrowing, Taxing or Printing Excess Currency!
    This Transaction Is Happening Naturally Worldwide Because Debt Is The Best Way To Control Your Fellow Man.
    As Soon As All Governments Are Indebted To The Rich, We Will Be Controlled By A World Government That Will Make It Easier For Big Business Transactions To Create Mergers, That Will End Up With One Winner Like A Monopoly Game.
    After All Of This Happens The Only Thing Left Is The Antichrist!
    Is There Any Difference Between This and Hitler’s Dictatorial Communistic State?
    Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism!

    Alan Paul Burton!
    Dieterich, Ill.


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